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Ms Elizabeth C Kuruvilla

Professor Civil Engineering... View Profile

Dr Satya Kumar

Professor Transportation Science and Technology... View Profile

Ms Jayasree Sreedvi Amma

Professor Civil Engineering... View Profile

Dr Neethu Roy

Professor Traffic and Transportation Engineering... View Profile

Dr Jisha S V

Associate Professor Structural engineering, geo-technical engineering... View Profile

Mr Ansu Mathew

Assistant Professor Earthquake Engineering, Bridge Engineering... View Profile

Mr Sreeju Nair

Assistant Professor Composites, Thermo-structures... View Profile

Ms Diana Alice Sugunan

Assistant Professor Rock mechanics, Saturated soil mechanics... View Profile

Ms Archana Satheesh

Assistant Professor Structural engineering, Architectural engineering... View Profile

Ms Jaya S Pillai

Assistant Professor Environmental engineering... View Profile

Mr Jean Sujin

Assistant Professor Concrete Structures, steel structures... View Profile

Ms Sijo M Saji

Assistant Professor Pavement Engineering... View Profile

Ms Jomy James

Assistant Professor Concrete technology, corrosion mechanism, structur... View Profile

Mr Amal Raj

Assistant Professor Transportation engineering... View Profile

Ms Radhika P

Assistant Professor Structural rehabilitation, earth quake engineering... View Profile

Ms Rakhi J H

Assistant Professor Structural engineering, finite element method... View Profile

Ms Bindu Biju

Assistant Professor Concrete technology, Mechanics of structures... View Profile

Mr Ann George

Assistant Professor Traffic engineering, pavement engineering... View Profile

Ms Indhu Luke

Assistant Professor Geo technical engineering, Geo-Technical Engineeri... View Profile

Ms Nimisha Anna Jacob

Assistant Professor Municipal solid waste management... View Profile

Mr Minu Ann Peter

Assistant Professor Structural engineering... View Profile

Mrs Shyju Susan Mathew

Assistant Professor Electrical and Electronic Engineering... View Profile

Ms Lekshmi Maya Maya

Assistant Professor Vibration, Soil stabilization,... View Profile

Mr Rintu Johnson

Assistant Professor Geo-environmental engineering, soil stabilization... View Profile

Ms Sangeetha Sajeev

Assistant Professor Rainfall, rainfall-runoff modelling... View Profile

Ms Anupama Krishnan

Assistant Professor Transportation Engineering, Pavement... View Profile

Mr Alice Thomas

Assistant Professor Surface water modelling, ground water modelling... View Profile

Mr Nitin Suresh

Assistant Professor 3D printing, wind analysis, structural design... View Profile

Ms Akhila Murukesh

Assistant Professor Hydrology, water resources... View Profile

Mr Sherin Mathew

Assistant Professor Structural engineering, material science, concrete... View Profile