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Mr Raju Gopal

Professor Computer Networks, Cyber security, computer vision... View Profile

Ms Tessy Mathew

Professor Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Lea... View Profile

Ms Asha S Maya

Associate Professor Computer Networks, Mobile Computing, software engi... View Profile

Ms Jisha John

Associate Professor Image Processing, Computer Vision,... View Profile

Ms Prathibha S Nair

Assistant Professor Machine learning, computer vision... View Profile

Ms Anjali S

Assistant Professor Deep learning, computer vision, video processing... View Profile

Ms Vishagini V

Assistant Professor Machine Learning, Deep learning,,computer vision... View Profile

Ms Vijitha Robinson

Assistant Professor Neuroinformatics, Data mining, cyber law... View Profile

Mr Robin Joseph

Assistant Professor Computer vision, deep learning... View Profile

Mrs Jisha Jose

Assistant Professor IoT, Computer Architecture, Machine Learning... View Profile

Mr Praveen G L

Assistant Professor Theoretical computer science... View Profile

Ms Poorna B R

Assistant Professor Machine Learning, deep learning... View Profile

Ms Deepthi K Moorthy

Assistant Professor Image processing, computer networking, data scienc... View Profile

Ms Gaurishree V K

Assistant Professor Image processing, pattern recognition, deep learni... View Profile

Ms Shibu V S

Assistant Professor Sensor networks... View Profile

Mr Shon Jdas

Assistant Professor Computer Architecture, computer networks... View Profile

Dr Jesna Mohan

Assistant Professor Computer vision, deep learning, machine learning,... View Profile

Mr Praveen J S

Assistant Professor Cryptography, Cyber forensics... View Profile

Ms Sreeja Sr

Assistant Professor Machine learning, deep learning, reinforcement lea... View Profile

Mr Ramjith R P

Assistant Professor Computer vision, Theoretical computer science... View Profile

Ms Lino Zachariah

Assistant Professor Machine learning, NLP, Deep learning... View Profile

Ms Jayalekshmi J

Assistant Professor Data Science, machine learning, data security... View Profile

Mr Ann Salins

Assistant Professor Computer graphics, computer networks, algorithm an... View Profile