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Mr Murali Nair

Professor Propulsion engineering & Thermal engineering... View Profile

Mr Remil George Thomas

Professor CAD, CAM, CAE... View Profile

Ms Nidhi Asish Nair

Associate Professor Supply chain management, data analytics... View Profile

Dr Vinod V

Associate Professor Non-linear vibration, synchronization in mechanica... View Profile

Dr Pradeep M

Associate Professor Composites... View Profile

Dr Rajesh TN

Associate Professor Thermal and Fluid Engineering, Fluid Structure Int... View Profile

Mr Roshan George Koshy

Assistant Professor Thermal engineering, fluid mechanics, fluid machin... View Profile

Mr Vaisakh S Nair

Assistant Professor Aerospace engineering, Fluid flow, Experimental an... View Profile

Mr Ayswer A S

Assistant Professor Industrial engineering, production engineering... View Profile

Dr P S Prasanth

Assistant Professor Thermal engineering... View Profile

Mr Alen K Johnson

Assistant Professor Machine design, Fluid mechanics... View Profile

Mr Ajeesh Mv

Assistant Professor Fluid dynamics... View Profile

Dr Premchand V P

Assistant Professor Mechanical vibration, Non-linear optimization, Mec... View Profile

Ms Ruby Maria

Assistant Professor Composites, FEM, Finite element method, smart mate... View Profile

Mr Deepak Bs

Assistant Professor Non-linear dynamics, bio-mechanics... View Profile

Mr Deepak B

Assistant Professor Bio-fuels, Thermal engineering, energy engineering... View Profile

Mr B S George

Assistant Professor CFD, Computational fluid dynamics, Energy systems... View Profile

Mr Bipin S

Assistant Professor Material science, manufacturing technology, CIM... View Profile

Mr Abhiram R Nair

Assistant Professor Heat transfer, compressible flow... View Profile

Mr Mobin Mathew

Assistant Professor Micro-machining, machine learning, mechanical engi... View Profile