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Mr Joseph Cheriyan

Professor Linear algebra, Fourier analysis... View Profile

Mr George Zachariah

Professor Drama and Poetry... View Profile

Mr Y Mathew

Professor Crystal growth in Gels, Morphology, crystals... View Profile

Mr Krishna Mohan

Associate Professor Computational chemistry... View Profile

Mr Syama.S. Mohan

Assistant Professor Complex analysis, differential calculus... View Profile

Ms Uma Mohan

Assistant Professor Spectral graph theory, Linear algebra... View Profile

Ms Jisha J

Assistant Professor Spectral graph theory, linear algebra... View Profile

Dr Archana Sailanath

Assistant Professor Pharmacological studies... View Profile

Ms Ammu Ashok

Assistant Professor Linguistics, Technical Communication... View Profile

Ms Aleesha P J

Assistant Professor Differential equations, graph theory, operational ... View Profile

Ms Sruthi Janardhanan

Assistant Professor Applied Probability, Linear algebra... View Profile

Mr Anish M S

Assistant Professor Applied mathematics, probability and statistics... View Profile

Dr Renjini M Nair

Assistant Professor Nano science, Material science, Optics, Polymer co... View Profile

Ms Vinu Varghese

Assistant Professor Financial Risk and Management, International Econo... View Profile

Ms Sabitha S Nair

Assistant Professor Graph Theory, Algebra, Differential Equations... View Profile

Ms Veena

Assistant Professor English Language Teaching, Cognitive Linguistics... View Profile

Mr Suvith V S

Assistant Professor Nano science, Photonics, Opto-electronics... View Profile

Mr Binu K John

Librarian Humanities, Multidisciplinary... View Profile

Dr Christi Francis

Physical Director Physical Education... View Profile

Mr Deepak Raj

Physical Director Physical education, Sports coach... View Profile